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Our Story

Our Story

In the heart of Utah, nestled amidst the stunning landscapes and tight-knit communities, lies a story of unexpected entrepreneurship and unwavering dedication. Meet Mersadies and Jeramy Reber, the visionary couple behind our beloved barber shops that has flourished from a single location to nine thriving hubs across the state.


Back in 2018, Mersadies and Jeramy Reber were your regular Utah family: devoted to their five daughters, lovers of outdoor adventures, and simple joys like paddle boarding under the sun. Business ownership was never part of their life plan; it was a dream they hadn't even dreamt.


But life often surprises us. When an opportunity presented itself, instead of shying away from the unknown, they embraced it with grit and determination. Fear didn't stall their journey; it fueled their ambition to create something meaningful for their family and their community.


Starting with their first barbershop, Mersadies and Jeramy poured their hearts into every aspect of the business. From mastering the art of a perfect cut to fostering genuine connections with each customer, their dedication set the stage for rapid growth.


Soon, one barbershop turned into nine, each location not just a place for a haircut, but a cornerstone of its local community. Participation in local events became second nature—whether it was parades celebrating town pride, sponsoring school activities, or supporting local heroes like police, firefighters, and Veterans. Giving back wasn't a mere obligation; it was a heartfelt commitment to the people who made their success possible.


The Reber’s didn't just build a business; they cultivated a family-oriented culture where every staff member and customer felt valued. Walking into any of their barbershops feels like stepping into a place where relationships matter, laughter is shared, and the community thrives.


Their journey isn't just about expanding locations; it's about expanding opportunities for their employees, creating spaces where craftsmanship meets compassion, and where the spirit of community service is ingrained in every haircut given and received.


As our barbershop family continues to grow—both in numbers and in impact—Mersadies and Jeramy Reber remain grounded in their core values: work hard play hard, grow or die, help first, keep it real, and good vibes. Each location tells a story of resilience, passion, and the belief that with hard work and a whole lot of heart, anything is possible.


So, the next time you visit one of our barbershops in Utah, remember that behind every trim and every smile is a story of a family who dared to dream, dared to leap, and in doing so, created something truly special for us all.


Come for a haircut, stay for the community. That's the essence of who we are—a barbershop built on love, rooted in service, and growing, one community at a time.

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